(Some identifying details obscured to protect patient privacy.)

“When my son Evan, was in second grade we noticed that he was having trouble forming the “R” sound in words. I asked that his school evaluate him for speech and was told that he did not qualify for services as his speech was not impaired enough. 

[At Kids In Motion] I was enthusiastically assured that Evan’s “r’s” were an easy fix. After playing fun games with a little “homework” each week, Evan’s speech began to improve. Within six sessions his “R” difficulty was all but corrected. Staff made this difficult speech change fun and my son really enjoyed working with her.

He is now 12 and there is no detection of speech deficiency.”

– Proud mom

“To even begin to tell you how much Hillary and Julia have done is impossible. Their efforts and commitment to [our daughter] Tara have been astounding! Tara has a hard time even liking people outside of our family and she loves them and gets so excited when she hears their voices! She has gone 6-8 months ago from laying, sitting, scooting on her bottom, to helping me get her in her crib and way more physical progress. They have helped me get her a walker she loves! To see her being mobile in it and scooting around is amazing! They put so much effort into Tara and continually are thinking of new ways to advance her physical abilities! Thank you for sharing these ladies with us!”

– Amazed mom

“Julia’s approach to therapy with my son has been a delight for him and me. Her imaginative encouraging techniques helped propel my son to master skills that were challenging in the past. My son looks forward to his play times with Julia and I enjoy watching his progress steadily continue with her dedication and great skill.”

– Grateful parent


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