Board of Directors


Debbie Johnson

Debbie serves as both the President of the Board of Directors as well as the Chair of the Executive Committee. She supervises the control of the assets, business and affairs of the corporation, and presides over board meetings. She brings over 30 years experience in bookkeeping and office administration with prior non-profit business experience, as well as a dedication to serve children with disabilities. “I learned [this] from my Nana, who was a foster grandparent for over 25 years. She would be proud of the work I am doing but also think I am crazy.” Outside of KIMTC, Debbie works full time and is married with two grown children. She likes to cook, garden, and play with her dogs Kip & Penny.



Marc Creech

Marc serves as the Vice President for KIMTC. He handles the duties of the President of the Board in case they are unable or not available. He also handles the computer interface questions and manages the Post Office, assigning email addresses and forwarding them as necessary. He retired from the Air Force after serving 21 years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Workforce Education and Development from SIU-C. He worked in the Bellingham/Western portion of Washington state since my retirement in 1995. He has managed the computers and networks for several small businesses as well as several American Florist Services (AFS) flower shops across the country. He has been in business for himself since 2006. Outside of KIMTC, Marc is a husband, father, grandfather, and business owner. He enjoys painting, mainly landscapes and photography.



Maksim Gomdysey, CMA

With a BA in Financial Economics from WWU and a Managerial Accountant Certification (CMA), Maksim sits on the board of directors where he applies his financial knowledge through the role of Treasurer. Maksim values the opportunity to help others in his community, which is why he chose to volunteer with Kids in Motion. His experience with finances has been an immense help in ensuring the clinic is able to run smoothly and continue to provide essential therapies to children in the community! Aside from the board, Maksim works as the Assistant Controller for a local manufacturing company. In his free time he enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, and playing soccer & chess!


Resource Development Committee Chair

Katrina Jones

Katrina has been a magnificent addition to the Kids In Motion Therapy Clinic (KIMTC) Board of Directors. She is currently serving as the Resource Development Committee Chair. She brings years of experience working in corporate business as well as working with children and youth in ministry. In addition to her work for KIMTC, she is also on the staff at Christ the King Community Church (CTK). CTK has graciously donated clinic space for use by Kids In Motion therapists. Katrina is able to serve as a liaison between the clinic and the church, maximizing the benefits of the partnership for all parties, especially families.Katrina states, “I LOVE that therapists can work up unique plans for each child that suits their individual needs. As the therapists take each child through intentional activities, exercises and tasks you can actually see the changes happening! Another step closer to just being a kid. :-)” Katrina enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, learning how to help children navigate tough life circumstances, serving our community with the church, as well as planning and hosting events. She has been working tirelessly on the upcoming Run, Roll & Stroll! We are so grateful to have Katrina on our team!


Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Sarah Collins

Looking for experience and the opportunity to become more engaged with the Bellingham community, Sarah took on this role in August 2020. Her PR duties include: creating content for the KIMTC social media, communication with the public, and helping to plan & organize events for the Clinic! A big part of the reason Sarah chose to join the KIMTC board is because she admires the clinic’s effort to provide affordable and accessible therapies to children of Whatcom county: “This clinic puts in an incredible effort to make sure we are reaching kids and families who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing necessary therapies. These kiddos are the future of our communities, and it is so important to be able to give them the tools to be successful!” Sarah took two years off from college to pursue a professional career as an equine trainer, and is now back in school part time to complete her degree in Sociology through WSU Global Campus. In her free time she enjoys spending time at the barn, learning new things, and going on road trips with friends!



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