What makes KIMTC different is that we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services while not prioritizing private insurance over state insurance. Many of our patients receive state insurance benefits, which often don’t cover the entire cost of a speech therapy session.

We will never turn away a patient for their inability to pay. We rely on the generosity of our donors to offset these low reimbursement rates, which allows us to serve more families.

With so many children in Whatcom County in need of speech therapy, our funds are disappearing fast! Please consider signing up for a monthly donation to help sponsor speech therapy visits for the children who need it most. Everyone deserves a voice.


Life to the fullest

Kids in Motion fills a critical care gap in Whatcom County, providing affordable and accessible therapies to the kids who need them most.

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​The mission of Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic is to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for the children of Whatcom County and surrounding areas who have neurodevelopmental disorders.

Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic is a 501(c)(3) organization offering home-based and clinic-based therapy services.

Therapy for kids

Major developmental milestones – like rolling, crawling and walking – have “windows of opportunity” that come and go very quickly. Meeting these windows is the only way to ensure all children grow to reach their fullest potential. At Kids In Motion, we get kids the therapies they need when they need them, regardless of their insurance.

We specialize in physical, occupational and speech therapies.


Get off waitlists

Each year, Kids In Motion serves dozens of children in Whatcom County who desperately need time-sensitive therapies. But there are still children falling through the cracks.

Currently there are extremely long waiting lists for children to receive these therapies in our area. Just for an initial evaluation, waitlist times range from 2-6 months. Getting a child on a provider’s caseload for treatment takes even longer.

No family should be forced to choose between driving hours for services, hoping they get through a waitlist before their child misses too many milestones, or going without treatment altogether.

Let’s work together to get these kids what they need.



Regardless of insurance

There are so many barriers to children receiving these therapies in Whatcom County. Waitlists are a big issue. So is insurance.

“We do not prioritize patients based upon the type of insurance that they have. Not all clinics do this. Ours is strictly a first-come, first-served. A majority of our clients are on state insurance. The reimbursement rate is very low.

For instance, state insurance does not fully cover our costs for speech therapy. With children, speech therapy is the highest need.”

The generosity of our donors offsets low reimbursement rates and allows us to serve these families.

– Julia Creech



Get the care they need

Meet Rocky


Rocky was supposed to be trained as a Certified Assistance Dog for a person in a wheelchair. But he just couldn’t pass the final test. He was perfectly behaved inside the house, but outside, the overwhelming desire to chase sticks got the better of him every time.

Luckily for Rocky, his owner – Kids In Motion Co-Founder, Julia Creech – isn’t one to give up, especially not on someone with such spirit! They switched gears and began working on Rocky’s therapy dog certification.

When Rocky was invited to visit a young woman in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital, everything changed. After a horse riding accident put her in a coma, she was starting to wake up. Her family asked if Rocky could be there, hopeful his presence would comfort her. Rocky sat diligently at her side, paws up on the bed so he was right at eye level. The moment the young woman’s eyes opened and saw Rocky…


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Maximize benefits

Kids In Motion offers multiple, flexible care settings, giving families the ability to choose what works best for them and their children.


Kids In Motion offers multiple, flexible care settings, giving families the ability to choose what works best for them and their children.

Structure & Stability

Center-based care provides structure and stability, which are very important for many children.

No Extra Space Required at Home

Center-based care provides adequate space for families without extra space in their homes.

Use of Larger Equipment

Larger equipment, which is difficult and expensive to transport, can be installed and easily used at the center.

Fewer Distractions

Many children benefit from the decreased distractions in a center setting and are able to better focus on treatment sessions.

Wide Selection of Tools & Equipment

Center-based care allows therapists to choose from a wide selection of tools and equipment to meet children's needs.

Multiple Modalities Per Session

Therapists are able to use multiple different treatment modalities during one session.


Kids In Motion offers multiple, flexible care settings, giving families the ability to choose what works best for them and their children.

Caregiver Empowerment

Caregivers are empowered by the learning opportunities they receive from close contact with the therapist. They learn valuable therapeutic tools to implement on a daily basis.

Incorporates Family's Resources

Caregiver education about a child’s therapy needs takes place within the the family’s routine and incorporates the family’s own resources.

Consistency & Follow-Through

Family involvement can lead to increased consistency and maximize results. Many families also notice improved follow-through with strategies, as the family takes an active role in the therapeutic process. 

No Need for Transportation

The stress of transportation to and from a clinic is eliminated, which is a major barrier to care for many families.

Incorporated into Daily Life

Home-based therapists can ensure that equipment and strategies are appropriate and able to be implemented into the family’s daily life, which is important for many families and children.

Familiar & Natural Environment

Children seen in their home may be more relaxed since it is a familiar and comfortable environment. For children who function best this way, this can lead to increased participation and better outcomes.

Similarly, learning new skills in a natural environment can be more beneficial than in a simulated environment for many children.


As always, our top priority is the wellbeing of our clients, staff and volunteers. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have implemented some additional procedures and precautions to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our response includes:

1. Compliance with all government mandates regarding social distancing and mask wearing

2. COVID screenings for all patients, staff and volunteers

3. Daily temperature checks

4. Disinfecting of all equipment and surfaces between sessions

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